Адрес: Узбекистан, г.Ташкент, Чиланзарский р-он. (Ориентир: мечеть Казирабад)
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Climat-Montaj and Server Service actively paricipate in the installation of ventilation system in one of the infectious hospitals in Tashkent.

Installation of ventilation system in clean rooms is a responsible task that require deep knowledge, great practical experience and obcervnace of SNiP.

Hospitals ventilation should ensure effective removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh air, avoiding their mixing. In addition, each room should be equipped with isolated systems in order to prevent the spread of infection. InTashkent infectious hospital that is intended for 158 patiens, input-exhaust ventilation systems have already been installed recently. They are equipped with coarse and fine filters (HEPA-filters) and ultrafine filters (U class) that trap the finest particles of dust and microorganisms smaller than 10 micron.

Installed equipment is characterized by high efficiency, reliability, noiseless operation. It means that it will perfectly perform its functions, creating a healthy microclimate in reception, patient’s rooms, isolation rooms.

The hospital will be put into commission and see its first patients very soon!