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Installation of ventilation system

Installation of ventilation system

One of the most important life-support systems of apartment or private house is ventilation. When designing ventilation system, a lot of nuances must be taken into account. Otherwise, it can lead to unreasonable expenses. In order to avoid it, the installation must be implemented in accordance with all generally accepted standards and rules.

Purpose and types of ventilation system

Installation of ventilation system is a very important stage in the room fitout.

Such system performs the following functions:

  • Effective air purification from various substances and pollution.
  • Air circulation.
  • Cooling or heating of the air.

There are three types of ventilation equipment:

  • Input-exhaust is the most popular type which is suitable both for standard town house and industrial building. The system is fitted out with special filters that prevent the supply of unpleasant odor and dust.
  • Input ventilation is intended to remove polluted air. Equipped with a fan, the system can also heat and supply fresh air into the room.
  • Exhaust ventilation is typically installed in technical rooms with high level of humidity, for example, in the kitchen. The system operates by means of ventilation devices.

Specialists recommend the following air supply calculations:

3m³/h per 1m². In order to determine the required power of the supply unit, it is necessary to multiply the area by 3.

Design and installation of ventilation system

As mentioned above, residential houses, offices, production workshops and other enterprises need high quality ventilation system. Protecting the building from cold, the owners disrupt the circulation of air currents which is harmful for people health.

Some mistakes made during installation negatively effects the system operation. Design and installation of ventilation system is a complex and multistage work requiring professional approach. That’s why it must be implemented by qualified specialists.

Climat-Montag Company provides the design and installation of ventilation system. We produce round and rectangular ducts, as well as fittings, such as bends, T-joints, reducers, end-caps and so on. One of the main advantages of our air ducts is integrated flange that guarantee 100% air tightness and high quality.

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