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Repair of exhaust ventilation

Repair of exhaust ventilation

Improper operation of ventilation system leads to such unpleasant consequences as lack of fresh air and bad smell in the room. In order to troubleshoot this problem, it is necessary to make use of professionals.

Climat-Montaj Company has a great experience in the repair of exhaust ventilation systems. Our highly qualified specialists will determine and eliminate any malfunction quickly and qualitatively.

During repair of exhaust ventilation system, we use only high quality parts and special equipment.

Before repair we carry out such services as complete diagnostic in order to determine mode of malfunction. Then we carry out such work as:

  • Fan replacement;
  • Filter cleaning;
  • Repair of electric motor;
  • Repair of control board.

Timely diagnostic prevents malfunctions and extends service life of the entire system. If your ventilation stopped performing its direct functions, call us: (98) 121 24 00.

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