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Author: Nataliya

Repair of exhaust ventilation

Improper operation of ventilation system leads to such unpleasant consequences as lack of fresh air and bad smell in the room. In order to troubleshoot this problem, it is necessary to make use of professionals. Climat-Montaj Company has a great experience in the repair of exhaust ventilation systems. Our highly qualified specialists will determine and…
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Installation of ventilation system

One of the most important life-support systems of apartment or private house is ventilation. When designing ventilation system, a lot of nuances must be taken into account. Otherwise, it can lead to unreasonable expenses. In order to avoid it, the installation must be implemented in accordance with all generally accepted standards and rules. Purpose and…
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Climat-Montaj and Server Service actively paricipate in the installation of ventilation system in one of the infectious hospitals in Tashkent. Installation of ventilation system in clean rooms is a responsible task that require deep knowledge, great practical experience and obcervnace of SNiP. Hospitals ventilation should ensure effective removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh…
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Installation of VRF systems in Irrigation institute

Our work in Irrigation Institute is coming to the end. Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company finish the installation of VRF systems in one of the highest educational institutions of the capital.

Executive Commitee of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The works in Executive Commitee of Shanghai Cooperation Organization are completed. Climat-Montaj Company often cooperates with large government organizations, such as Executive Commitee of regional anti-terrorist structure of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Republic of Uzbekistan signed the declaration of creation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization 18 years ago. The goals of this influential regional organization in the…
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Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Climat-Montaj Company continues the repair works in the building of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. General repair in this State institution is in full swing. Professional team of our company has already performed a large number of works intended to the creation of effective vetilation, conditioning and heating systems. List of sucessfully performed…
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