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Air conditioners

Conditioning is the process of creation and automatic maintenance of the given temperature and humidity conditions of the air.

It is very difficult to imagine our life without air conditioners – multifunctional devices for cooling or heating of the air and clear it from allergen and viruses. They are usually in the apartments, private houses, institutions, medical centers, offices and shopping centers.

The equipment of large capacity (industrial) are designed for conditioning of multistorey buildings with many separate rooms.

Such air conditioners can maintain different temperature conditions in different rooms. The distance between indoor and outdoor units is more than 100 metres.

Installation of air conditioners in Uzbekistan

Klimat-Montaj is engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance of industrial air conditioners. These refrigerating units are indispensable in manufacturing factories, business centers, enterprises of public catering, hotels and cinemas.

We work with different devices:

  • chillers and fancoils
  • precision and roof air conditioners
  • VRV systems

The equipment selection depends on the building purpose, its size and construction features, lighting level, construction norms, and of course, customer’s wishes.

Contact us and we will provide the selection and installation of a necessary equipment.

You can also to conclude the contract for maintenance service. So, you will avoid the problems during the equipment operation. Our masters will carry out diagnostics, filters cleaning, replacement of broken details and check of internal nodes status.

Guarntee for implemented services

Climat-Montaj Company provides the installation and repair of any industrial air conditioners. Our masters carry out a high quality installation, repair and maintennace service of chillers, split air conditioning systems and roof air conditioners.

We also provide prompt delivery of the equipment and parts from China at the prices of manufacturer.

In the course of our activity, we have made a good showing in the field of such services as repair, installation and maintenance of conditioning systems. We also managed to form a large base of time-tested manufacturers of high quality equipment from different countries.

We provide guarantee for all implemented services! Repair durng warranty period is carried out free of charge.

When ordering a set of services, we provide a discount system!

Our employees are always ready to answer all questions you are interested. Call us! (98) 121 24 00