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Fancoil is a necessary element of the system “chiller-fancoil”, designed for air conditioning in industrial scales.

Main components of fancoil are fan, heat exchanger, filters, intersystem of automatic control. According to the principal operation, the fancoil is similar to the internal module of traditional split-system. However, the usual air conditioner operates on freon, while “chiller-fancoil” system operates on water or ethylene glycol.

Installation of fancoils in Tashkent is one of the most popular services, provided by Climat-Montaj Company.

We will help to choose a convenient place for the equipment installation, connect fancoils to vent manifold, check the leaktightness and the equipment operability in all modes.

Fancoils installation in Uzbekistan

Our specialsist install fancoils of any types:

  • floor, ceiling and wall;
  • two and four pipes;
  • channel and cassette.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company provide quick and high quality services. We observe all construction rules and regulations. Our engineer designers will develop a project for creation of comfortable microclimate in the premise.

Price for services meet the quality. If you order the set of services (design, installation and maintenance service), you will get a discount system.

Our general partners

We cooperate only with reliable suppliers of the equipment. Our general partners are SHIVAKI и TICA Companies. Products of these manufacturers have a lot of advantages, that’s why Climat-Montaj cooperates with these companies.

SHIVAKI and TICA fancoils advantages

  • environmentally friendly;
  • it can be installed with other equipment (air handling units, heat exchangers of central air conditioners);
  • reliability
  • high efficiency
  • the possibility of the service of several rooms simultaneously

If you need to install fancoils in Tashkent at affordable price and with a guarantee of quality, just call us: (98) 121 24 00 or fill in the feedback form on the home page