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Heat pumps

Heat pump is a productive energy generator. This heat of source is reliable and doesn’t require a regular maintenance. That’s why, currently, many consumers use heat pump insteado f gas equipment.

However, installation of heat pump is a complex process that requires the observance of special requirements. Such work must be implemented by professionals who have a license for providing such services.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company install absorption, compression, geothermal and air pumps.

We carry out all necessary calculations, select a proper equipment and componenets. The next stage is the preparation of the territory and equipment installation.

Main stages of the work

  • pipelines laying;
  • collector connection;
  • system pressuirization (refilling with heat carrier);
  • heat pump connection;
  • installation of batteries, underfloor heating, hot water supply system and other components of heating system;
  • electric installation works;
  • starting-up and commissioning works of the equipment

The cost of heat pump installation depends in Uzbekistan depends on the region, level of ground water and type of pump.

Repair and maintenance of heat pumps in Tashkent

Our company is also engaged in the repair and maintenance of heat pumps of different modifications. During the inspection, we usually determine such malfunctions as voltage drop, inulation deterioration, moisture accumulation in freon circuit, functional loss of compressor, filters clog.

During diagnosis, it is very important to check fans, protection devices, controllers, expansion devices. Our experienced specialists will inspect the equipment, determine all malfunctions and eliminate them. During maintenance, specialists of Climat-Montaj Company will check screwed joints, lack of corrosion of circulation nodes, heat exchanger and air ducts status etc.

Do you need the repair or maintenance of heat pump in Tashkent? Call us: (98) 121 24 00.

We will check the operational efficiency of internal nodes, replace details and adjust the functionality of your heat energy generator.

Pay attention! When ordering the service “installation of heat pump in tashkent made on a turnkey basis”, you will get a discount!