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Installation of ice makers

Ice maker is a type of refrigerated equipment designed for ice production of different shape. Wide use of these equipment is one of the main causes for demand of such services as the installation of ice makers.

Installation of ice makers requires a professional approach. Trust this work professional specialists, so you will extend the service life of your equipment for many years. Our company is engaged in the installation of cube, granulated and flake ice generators in Tashkent.

Great experience of such work allows us o carry out the installation in accordance with all rules. It is very important to choose the right room and place for unit location. Don’t install ice generators near the radiators, dish washing machines and other heat sources. Desirable temperature in the room is 20 °С, water temperature is 10-15 °С. If water is hard, it is necessary to use water softener. When installing, High quality gate valve will help to avoid a sudden breakdown and premature wear of details.

If you want your ice generator to be served you for a long time, its installation must be implemented by professioanl specialists. High quality installation reduces the risk of premature failure by 30%. In order to provide a trouble free operation of your equipment, please don’t forget about a timely maintenance. Conclude the contract with Server Service Company and forget about problems – our masters will carry out a regular diagnosis, cleaning, repair and replacement of details.