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Maintenance of ice generators

Maintenance of ice generators is a necessary stage for equipment operation for production of ice cubes. Regular maintenance is the warranty of trouble free operation and long service of equipment.

If you want to extend the service life of your equipment and avoid unsudden breakdown, just conclude a long-term cpntract with Climat-Montaj Company. Our masters will carry out the diagnosis and eliminate the determined malfunctions.


We work with the equipment for ice production of such shape as:

  • granulated;
  • cube;
  • flake;
  • figured ice with water or air cooling.

Our specialists have a great experience in the field of maintenance of such ice generators as Emmepi, Frimont, GENEGLACE, ICE Makers, ICEMATIC, LUXIA, Manitowoc and other.

Maintenance includes:

  • cleaning of condenser, filters, evaporator, container for ice;
  • atomizer burner adjustment;
  • refrigerant refuelling;
  • adjustment of working process and defrost cycle;
  • equipment desinfection.

Main advantage of maintenance on a contract basis with Climat-Montaj Company is a reliable warranty of trouble-free operation of your equipment.

After the signing of a contract, we will make a list of services and their lead time in accordance with approved plan. To leave an application for the mantenance of ice generators, fill in the feedback form or call us: (98) 121 24 00.