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Maintenance of water pumps

Maintenance of water pumps is a necessary for unibterrupted operation of your equipment. Trusting the repair and diagnosis high qualified specialists, you provide a long service life of your pump equipment.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company have a great experience in the field of maintenance of household and industrial pumps.

Maintenance of water pumps includes the following services:

  • complete diagnosis of pump equipment;
  • check of pressure and pumping;
  • cleaning and replacement of bearing parts;
  • check of relay status and automation system;
  • replacement of sealing joints and gaskets of motor axis;
  • check of couplings and fittings status;
  • check of operation modes according to head and rate specifications;
  • check of electronic modules;
  • ground test.

We work with circulated, canalization, heating and industrial pumps, as well as pump stations. We also carry out the maintenance of pump equipment, as well as pump stations.

Maintenance is carried out on a contract base, in which rights and obligations of the parties, list of planned measures, performance time  and final cost of the work.