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Refrigerated equipment

The equipment for the storage and demonstration of food products and cold drinks, ice-cream, salads, ready meals, medicines etc. is called refrigerated equipment.

Climat-Montaj Company is engaged in the installation, repair, maintenance and startup and commissioning of commercial and industrial refrigerated equipment:

  • refrigerators, bonets, refrigerated tables;
  • shock freezing chambers, storehouses, vegetable storehouses;
  • refrigerated units and central refrigerated plants;
  • automation system for freezing equipment;
  • remote and built-in cold systems.

We provide a wide range of services – design of cold supply systems for shop centers, production shops and warehouses, installation and connection of low-temperature equipment, diagnosis and repair of refrigerated cabinets and refrigerated displays.

  • When installing, our masters carry out such services as: insulation and noise test;
  • Test of control boards and protection devices;
  • Check of system for tightness and operation efficiency

Our company implemented many successful projects. We worked with supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, meat and sausage departments, fruit storages and other objects.

When designing, we carry out:

  • Execution and approval of technical specifications;
  • Project development according to the rules of technologic design, construction rules and regulations, sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Project development of the laying of necessary communication lines

Our specialists carry out any works – installation of multi-compressor refrigerated units, connection of equipment and monitoring system, disassembly and assembly of units.

You can conclude the contract with our company for technical maintenance, thus you will avoid different problems. Our specialists will carry out diagnostics, repair or replacement of the broken details in accordance with approved plan.

Our company provides the guarantee of quality for all implemented services. If the equipment breaks during the warranty period, we will eliminate the malfunction free of charge!

In order to send an application for the repair of refrigerated equipment in Tashkent, call us or fill in feedback form.