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Repair of heating boilers

Repair of heating boilers

Repair of heating boilers is one of the most popular services provided by our company. The most common causes of boilers malfunction are incorrect installation, mishandling, deterioration of internal details, mechanical damage.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company have all necessary tools and equipment for repair and diagnosis of gas and electric boilers of any brands. They will come at once after sending an application, determine the cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

Call us if you noticed one of these malfunctions of your boiler:

  • it doesn’t turn on;
  • makes noise during operation;
  • doesn’t heat water;
  • consumes high electric energy.

If you need parts replacmenet, we will deliver all necessary details from abroad at the manufacturer’s price. We offer:

  • 3-way switching valves;
  • plate heat exchangers;
  • expansion tanks;
  • thermal gauges;
  • temperature and water consumtion sensors;
  • smoke extraction fans;

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company carry out the repair of any complexity, as well as modernization and reconstruction of boiler equipment.

We carry out the cleaning of internal surfaces, replacement of the worn details, repair of drums, heat treatment of joint welds by means of modern poprtable equipment.

To send an application for the repair, call us: (98) 121 24 00