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High quality industrial ventilation is one of the conditions of efficient work of specialized equipment and creation of favorable microclimate at the objects that require special requirements for air exchange process.

Climat-Montaj Company is specialized in the installation of ventilation systems of industrial purpose.

Design and installation of all types of ventilation system

Our company has a great experience in the field of installation of ventilation systems in factories and warehouses, private houses, medical institutions, furniture stores and business-centers.

We install supply and exhaust ventilation systems, as well as multiple-unit complexes. They can be local and general exchange, channel and non-channel, natural and artificial.

Installation of ventilation systems is carried out in accordance with all construction rules and regulations, as well as fire-safety rules.

Our specialists will carry out in a professional level:

  • calculation of ventilation efficiency;
  • development of optimal way of supply and exhaust air;
  • development of filter system;
  • design of ventilation with optimal price/quality ratio;
  • installation and start-up and commissioning of the equipment;

Individual approach to each customer and affordable prices are two important reasons to choose our company!

If your ventilation doesn’t perform its main functions, call us immedialtely! Timely determinationand elimination of problems will help you to avoid great financial expenses.

Repair and maintenance of ventilation in Uzbekistan

Specialists of Climat-Montaj company carry out partial and general repair of ventilation system. It is usually necessary to carry out the cleaning of internal circuits and replacment of broken details.

Check of the quality of air ducts holding, automatic system test, disassembly of main units are carried out during the maintenance. Specialists of our multifunctional company will quickly carry out the diagnostics of ventilation system, eliminate unsealed zones and replace worn mechanisms.

The maintenance is carried out according to contract where the plan of the future works is represented. Call us or fill in the feedback form and our managers will give all necessary information of our services and their cost.