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Water pumps

Water pumps are used for watering of agricultural crop, dewatering of waste water, pumping of high temperature steam condensate, water supply of country houses.

Great demand for such equipment increases the demand for such services as installation, repair and maintenance of water pumps in Tashkent.

Installation of water pumps from professional specialists

If you want to install centrifugal, circulated or other type of water pump, contact Climat-Montaj Company. Our specialists will carry out:

  • installation and repair of the broken equipment;
  • complete equipment diagnosis;
  • delivery of parts from China.

Design engineers of our company carry out the design of engineering systems of any complexity and selection of proper pump equipment and install it n accordance with all generally accepted rules.

Water pumps: high quality maintenance

Maintenance is carried out on the base of a written contract. When signing a long-term contract, you will avoid the premature failure and extend the service life of its trouble-free operation.

We provide the warranty certificate for all implemented services and supplied equipment. We provide our services at any place and time convenient for you. Just call us and leave an application. Tel: (98) 121 24 00