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Design of cold supply system

Design of cold supply system is one of the main activity area of Climat-Montaj Company.

Design of refrigerating and freezing chambers is a complex task that must be implemented by highly qualified specialists. Our engineer designers worked on the design of low temperature systems for vegetable warehouse, enterprises of food and phatmaceutical industry.

Do you need refrigeration chamber for storage of fruits, meat, flowers, wine, medicines? Call us!

Design of cold supply system

At first you need to gather all necessary information: size and purpose of refrigeration chamber, place of installation and climate conditions of the region. Then engineer designers develop a project and make drawings, as well as gydraulic and thermal technical calculations.

The next step is approval of project with a customer and entering of adjustments. We offer a wide range of services. You can order from us not only design and calculation of refrigeration equipment but also installation, repair and maintenance service.

We also provide delivery of industrial equipment and parts from China to Tashkent. When ordering a package of services (design+installation, design+maintenance service), you will get a discount.