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Design of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems is one of the main activity area of Climat-Montaj Company.

Design, calculation and installation works are implemented by highly qualified specialists who are well-versed in this field. This means that the calculation of input-exhaust ventilation system and selection of suitable equipment will not take a lot of time.

Development of engineering systems of any complexity

We develop projects for HVAC system on a turnkey basis and provide all necessary project documentation (explanatory note, technical specifications).

Design of ventilation and heating systems must be implemented in accordance with SNiP and many important factors. Only in this case we can guarantee high efficiency of the whole ventilation system.

Our engineer designers will design ventilation, heating and conditioning systems of any complexity. They will provide not only necessary project documentation but also installation works.

Design of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

Design of industrial ventilation is one of the main activity areas of our company. Comfortable microclimate and service life of the equipment depend on the quality of design of ventialtion system.

Public catering establishment traffic depends on speed and quality of air exchange. Climat-Montaj works with private houses, medical institutions, schools, museums, shopping centers, administrative buildings and other facilities.

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