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Heat exchangers – fancoils

Air conditioners are used not only for cooling but also for heating of the premises. Fancoil is the main component of industrial climatic equipment.

If fancoil is connected to heat pump or boiler, it can be used as traditional heating by means of radiadors. Moreover, the process of heating will be more efficient and ease of use.

Climat-Montaj specializes in the installation of fancoils,designed for the service of oofice, administartive and industrial buildings. Our high qualified specialists will quickly and qualitatively install the cassette, channel, wall or ceiling fancoils and provide the guarantee of quality for all implemented services.

Fancoils heating: advantages

Installation of fancoils in Tashkent is one of the most frequent services, provided by Climat-Montaj Company. The cause is

simple: there are the following advantages of the heating with the help of fancoils:

  • quick heating of the premise (by means of forced convection);
  • economical operation;
  • the possibility of different temperature setting in each room;
  • simple control of temperature condtions;
  • operation not only for heating but also for cooling.

If you want the fancoils to be installed by professioanl specialists, contact Klimat-Montaj Company!

We are the team of professionals who have technical knowledge and many years of experience in the field of calculation, installation, repair and maintenance of heating equipment in Uzbekistan!