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Design of heating system

Design of heating system is one of the paramount conditions in the creation of comfortable microclimate in apartment, private house, medical and educational institutions, warehouses or production workshop.

Calculation of heating system is a c omplex process which requires a professional approach and must be implemented by professionals with great experience.

Design of heating system: main stages

There are several stages of project development. Only in this case we can get a perfect result. Specialists of our company work in accordance with SNiP, observing sequence of work.

  • receiving information (facility purpose, climate conditions of region, building layout etc.).
  • thermal technical calculation (thermophysical characteristics, from which doors, walls and windows are made).
  • calculation of heat losses and volume of supplied heat;
  • determination of thermal capacity of the system and choice of heat source;
  • hydraulic calculation and selection of stop valve;
  • calculation of quantity and types of heating devices.

At the final stage specialists of our company provide all necessary documentation: axonometric diagram, equipment specifications, layout of premises with heating systems. Explanatory note includes a full list of equipment and cheme of its connection. We also can provide 3D model.

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