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High quality heating is one of the main conditions to create comfortable microclimate in apartments, offices, houses, shopping centers, greenhouses, swimming pools. For this purpose air conditioners, heating boilers, underfloor heating, solar collectors, heat pumps are usually installed.

Climat-Montaj Company offers its services for repair, installation and maintenance service of any industrial equipment. We cooperate with private and government enterprises – schools, hospitals, production plants, hotels and other facilities.

Heating: all types of services

We are engaged in: 

  • design of heating and ventilation systems, as well as individual heat supply stations;
  • installation of heat exchangers, gate valves, automation systems;
  • heating pipelines laying;
  • pipes insulation using modern materials;
  • hydraulic tests and commissioning work;
  • technical inspection and commissioning works;
  • heat calculation, measurement and installation of underfloor heating (water, electrical and infra red), installation of controllers and sensors.

Besides, we provide such services as flushing of heating system and heat exchanger (with or without dismantling).

We also provide a speciaist on-site visit at any time and place convenient for you.

We work not only in Tashkent but all over Uzbekiastan (Andijan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Termez, Djizzak).