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Ice makers

Ice makers are usually used in all restaurants or saloon bars. There are a large number of modidfications of ice generators – standing alone and built-in, industrial and household, with water and air cooling.

Ice makers are distinguished by high level of reliability, however, they require regular maintenance.

Repair of ice makers in Tashkent

Climat-Montaj Company provides the repair of ice makers of such brands as Brema, Highcold, Apach, ICEMakers, WESSAMAT, Emmepi, Zanussi, CHEFMASTER and other. We work with the equipment tht are designed for the production of cube, flake and granulated ice.

If your ice maker doesn’t turn on, produces the cubes of the wrong shape, makes a high noise during the operation, accumulates water, just call us! Our masters will quickly determine the cause of malfunction and adjust the equipment functioning.

Specialists of Climat-Montj Company have a great experience in the field of repair of ice makers of any complexity, from the minor repair (refrigerant refilling) to the general (pipelines solder and compressor change).

Ice makers: high quality maintenance

Maintenance includes:

  • cleaning of condenser and filters;
  • ice container cleaning;
  • check of refrigerant level;
  • check of working process status;
  • desinfection.

Maintenance is recommended to carry out