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Industrial refrigeration equipment


Industrial refrigeration equipment is designed to simplify freezing process and storage of large volumes of different products (meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables, semi-finished products etc.).

Besides, it is also used for high efficient operation of all low temperature refrigeration units at large production workshops. Any complex equipment need a professional approach. That’s why such services as installation, repair and commissioning works must be implemented by experienced and professional specialists.

Installation of industrial refrigeration equipment

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company are engaged in installation and maintenance service of shock freezing chambers, cold rooms, vegetable stores and central refrigerating plants. They are well-versed and have a great experience in the field of refrigeration equipment.

Before starting works, we get approval for the project report with a customer. Installation and repair are carried out by means of special-purpose equipment and high quality parts that allows us to guarantee trouble-free operation of your industrial refrigeration equipment.

Maintenance service in a professional level

Maintenance service is necessary to maintain high efficient operational efficiency of low temperature refrigeration systems. Our company provides the following services:

  • multi-compressor refrigeration units;
  • central refrigerating plants;
  • compression-condensation refrigerating systems;
  • controlled atmosphere chambers.

We collaborate only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers, so we buy high quality thermoregulating and expansion valves, compressors, fans and other parts and equipment. This extends service life and prevents repeated equipment failure.

Conclude a long-term contract with our company and you will extend the service life of your equipment and avoid problems during operation.

Do you want to see the results of our work, please refer to the section “Photos” or “Video”.