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Installation of chillers

Chiller installation in Tashkent is one of the popular services performed by Climat-Montaj Company. Installation of such industrual equipment requires responsible approach from the installers, as well as specialized tools and consumable materials. You can surely trust this work our specialists, as they are experts at their job with great experience.

We are ready to perform a wide range of services:

  • design of climatic system;
  • selection of proper equipment;
  • choise of location for installation;
  • installation of refrigerated units according to the plan;
  • chiller connection;
  • commissioning works;

Chillers are usually installed on a level surface capable withstanding a heavy load. Vibration damping spring is used for reduction of vibration load.

The most difficult stage of work is chiller connection. Specilaists of Climat-Montaj Company carry out the connection in accordance with technical rules and manufacturer’s instructions. It provides trouble-free operation of the equipment.

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