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Chillers and fancoils maintenance

Maintenance of chillers and fancoils is a necessary stage for trouble-free operation of such complex equipment.

Climat-Montaj Company is engaged in the technical maintenance of “chiller-fancoil” system. The operational concept depnds on the type of equipment, constructive features, number of compressors. Our specialists have a great experience in the field of climatic equipment.

Chillers and fancoils maintenance includes:

  • inspection of screw joints;
  • check of energy supply and self-diagnostic systems;
  • check of working parameters;
  • cleaning of condenser and heat exchanger;
  • check of fan rotation speed and its fixation reliability;
  • control of oil and refrigerant volume;
  • filters inspection;
  • diagnosis of insulation;
  • check of pressure gauge, thermostat, sensors and other elements of control and measuring equipment.

Conclude the contract with our company and you will avoid sudden breakdown of “chiller-fancoil” system. Our masters will carry out the diagnosis, repair and replacement of the details according to the approved plan.

We also provide the delivery of all necessary parts from abroad countries at the manufacturer’s price. We cooperate only with audited suppliers and provide an official warranty for all products supplied by our company.