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Maintenance of VRV (VRF) systems

Maintenance of VRV (VRF) systems is a hard work, during of which range of different measures are carried out. Air split conditioning systems are distinguished by complex inner assembly. It means that maintenance of VRF and VRV systems must be implemented by the specialists with great working experience.

Why is it so important to carry out the regular maintenance?

Mintenance allows to avoid a sudden breakdown of internal nodes and equipment failure. A wide range of services is carried out during diagnosis intended to timely determination and elimination of the problems.

Timely carrying out of maintenance allows:

  • increasing cooling capacity and operational safety;
  • extending the service life of internal assemblies;
  • reducing the financial expenses.

Specialists of “Climat-Montaj” are engaged in technical maintenance of industrial air conditioners of all types. We offer a full range of services of maintenance of internal and external units.

Maintenance of VRV (VRF) systems: list of services

Maintenance of outdoor unit is a check of gate valve and regulating elements, pressure reading in system, unit cleaning, oil refilling, noise and vibration elimination during fan operation, control and adjustment of the internal nodes.

Maintenance of internal nodes is the check of thermal insulation nodes and freon pipelines status, flushing of drain systems, diagnosos of control devices, test of systems in different conditions.

Our masters will determine and eliminate all the malfunctions at the initial stage of their occurance that helps to avoid an expensive repair. The replace control boards and expansion valves, adjust the refrigerant volume in the system and repair compressor.

How often is it necessary to carry out the maintenance?

The frequency of carrying out of maintenance depends on the VRV (VRF) location. If it is installed in administrative building, exhibition or business center, the maintenance is carried out twice a year.

Maintenance of split air conditioning systems in server rooms, supermarkets, restaurants, flower shops is necessary to carry out every month.

The list of necessary services also includes the flushing (mechanical and hydraulic) and desinfection of internal surfaces, measurement of inlet and outlet air, eleimination of refrigerant leak.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company will qualitatively carry out not only the maintenance but also give all necessary information of operating rules of split air conditioning system.

If you need the maintenance of VRF (VRV) systems in Uzbekistan, just call us: (98) 121 24 00