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Repair of chillers and fancoils

Repair of chillers and fancoils is one of the popular services provided by multibusiness company Climat-Montaj. “Fancoil-chiller” system is a category of reliable equipment, however it requires a regular maintenance.

Incorrect installation and operational imperfection are the main causes of the functional loss of the climatic system. The other causes are also natural wear and absence of timely maintenance.

Specialists of our company will quickly detrmine the real cause of malfunction and eliminate it. Don’t try to carry out the independent repair. It must be implemented by experienced specialists who have a great experience, specialized tools and consumable materials.

Chillers repair in Tashkent

We are engaged in the repair of any chillers – low temperature and absorption, with water or air cooling, with single and double screw compressors. We also provide the delivery of all necessary parts from China at the manufacturer’s price.

We carry out the following services during the repair:

  • normalization of refrigerant coolant in system;
  • repalcement of insulation, terminal blocks, conductive part of the equipment;
  • repair of compressor, heat exchanger and fan;
  • replacement of microprocessor boards
  • change of oil and fasteners

We know the importance of operational efficiency of this industrial equipment, that’s why we quickly respond to your inquires. After the detailed diagnosis, we will eliminate all the determined malfunctions.

We provide the services not only in Tashkent but also in Samarkand, Bukhara, Djizzak, Angren, Yangiyul and other cities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Call us or use feedback form. Tel: (98) 121 24 00