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Repair of commercial refrigeration equipment

Repair of commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the main activities of our multibusiness company. We work with all types of low-temperature units, designed for demonstration and storage of perishable products, semi-finished products, cold drinks, medicines, flowers etc.

Here are the most common causes of equipment failure: operational imperfection, natural wear of components and improper installation. Our specialist will quickly determine a cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

Repair of commercial refrigeration equipment includes:

  • replacement of electric belts and valves spring;
  • filling with a coolant;
  • check of door sealing;
  • repair of heat exchanger and condenser;
  • control board repair.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company specialize in the repair of refrigeration bonnets, cabinets, display cases, chest freezers, cooling tables. We use only high quality parts and consumable materials that allows us to provide a long-term quality warranty for all implemented services.

We provide both running and capital repair. Running repair involves detection of minor failures (check of insulation status, equipment cleaning, filters replacement). Capital repair involves the replacement of compressor or evaporator, complete replacment of refrigerant, drainage system cleaning.

The list of the most common performed services also includes: replacement of sealing joint, defrost timer, fan, thermostat and capillary pipeline.

Highly qualified specialists of Climat-Montaj Company will repair your refrigeration equipment in a record time. Our advantages – the best prices in the region and quality warranty for all services implemented by our specialists.