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Repair of ice makers

Ice maker is a quite complex machine that requires a professional and responsible approach. This means that repair of ice makers must be implemented by experts at their job. Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company specialize in repair of special-purpose refrigeration equipment in Tashkent. If your ice making machine stopped working properly, call us: (98)124 89 02.

High quality repair of ice makers

We carry out a complete diagnostic and repair of ice makers for ice generation:

  • granular ice;
  • cube ice;
  • flake ice;
  • figured ice.

Our specialists have a great experience in repair of ice makers connected to centralized water supply system.

When sending application, please indicate mode of malfunction (it doesn’t turn on, makes ice of wrong form or strong noise during operation) and type of equipment.

Ice maker repair involves:

  • condenser cleaning;
  • check of pressure indicators;
  • filters, relays and thermostats replacement;
  • control board repair, error reset;
  • filling with refrigerant;
  • airtightness check and leakage elimination.

During repair works we use only high quality spare parts, such as Bar Line, East Equipment, Funk, Gastro, Highcold, LUXIA, Maja, Scaiola, Simag, Scotsman, Staff.

We also offer high quality parts at factory price. All parts are selected individually (depending on the diagnostic results). In order to send application for ice maker repair, fill out feedback form or just call us: (98)124 89 02.