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Repair of water pumps

Water pump is a reliable equipment that is able to work without interruption for a long time. Nevertheless, sometimes they also need a repair. Most common failure causes are improper operation or lack of technical maintenance service for a long time.

If your pump stopped performing its direct functions, call Climat-Montaj Company! We work with circulating and drain pumps (submersible, injection, outdoor types) and industrial pump units of high pressure.

Repair of water pumps: most common failures

  • pump turns on but shaft doesn’t rotate;
  • pump doesn’t turn on;
  • high noise level;
  • head and supply of water don’t meet the requirements indicated in technical passport.

If you noticed one of these malfunctions during operation, call Climat-Montaj Company. Our specialists will quickly come and carry out the equipment troubleshooting.

We provide a full range of services for repair of water pumps:

  • lime scale elimination between rotor and stator;
  • bearings, filters and hydraulic accumulators replacement;
  • hydraulic oil reservoir repair;
  • equipment troubleshooting.

We work all over Uzbekistan. If you want to make use one of our services, fill out an application or just give us a call: (98) 128 42 00