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Roof air conditioners

Roof air conditioners are powerful monoblock constructions, characterized by compact size and wide range of capacity.

Roof air conditioners are ideal for the service of large objects such as hypermarkets, sport complexes, restaurants, airports, warehouses etc.

This type of air conditioners like usual air conditioners cool and heat the air, as well as dry, filter and mix fresh air from the outside.

Do you need the installation or repair of roof air conditioner? Call Climat-Montaj Company! We will install the equipment on the flat or inclined roof, sustaining wall or on the foundation (not far from the object).

Operational concept of roof air conditioners

Operational concept is based on the intake and processing of air in the mixing chamber, which subsequently enters the filtration unit. Then it is cooled and heated (depending on the setting). The next stages are passing through the distributor and supply to the room.

Exhaust air is supplied to the mixing chamber through the air duct.

If you noticed any malfunctions during the operation of your air conditioner, call Climat-Montaj Company! After detailed diagnosis our masters will determine the cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

Advantages of roof air conditioners

  • reliable operation
  • low noise level
  • multifunctionality
  • compact size
  • economical operation

One of the main advantages is long service life. If you don’t bypass the timely maintenance service, your roof air conditioner will

serve you for a long time.

Our company provides the services not only for roof air conditioners installation. You can also conclude the contract with our company, so you will avoid different problems.

Installation of roof air conditioners according to the rules

Do you need high quality installation of roof air conditioner? Our company is always at your services! We use only the most and reliable equipment and consumable materials during the working process. It allows us providing a guarantee for trouble free operation of air conditioner.

We provide a full range of services in the field of climatic equipment. We are engaged in the installation, repair, diagnosis and maintenance of refrigeration units of industrial type in Uzbekistan.

We also supply all parts from China at the manufacturer’s prices.