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Solar heating

Solar heating becomes more and more popular every year. This is due to the fact that it has many advantages: environmental friendliness, independence and high efficiency.

There are several ways of heating project development by means of sun rays. We install any solar systems – air, water and antifreeze (season or all year round).

Professional installation of generators

Flat solar generators are more popular in comparison with other generators. Vacuum generators are not less popular, they perform all necessary functions in cloudy weather. Air solar batteries are also one of the most popular type of solar generators.

Our specialists install the following systems of solar heating:

  1. Solar generators + thermal energy storage canister. This is a perfect option for providing of the building with hot water and heating. As a rule, this is the installation of solar batteries, storage tank, pump station and control switch
  2. Solar generators + absorption chillers. It combines the functions of refrigeration unit and vacuum solar batteries.

Specialists of Climat-Montaj will help to select the collectors location, as well as:

  • install solar batteries at a necessary angle of slop;
  • fill collectors with coolant;
  • insulate nipples and pipe fittings;
  • test the system of solar heating

Our company offers you a full range of services for heating and hot water supply by menas of the sources of alternative energy. We provide the design, equipment selection, installation and check of operability status. 

The use of solar energy is the best method of economy. Install solar generators at affordable prices! Call us or fill in the feedback form!