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Steam generators

Steam generator is an equipment designed for dry and humid steam production, which is used in pharmaceutical, light and wood industry.

Such units require a professional approach. That’s why the repair and maintennace service must be implemented by specialists with great experience and permission for providing such services.

Equipment troubleshooting

Equipment troubleshooting is an important stage of technical inspection that allows to determine cause of malfunction. In most cases these causes are:

  • Reduction (lack) of steam generation;
  • Scale formation;
  • Power cable failure;
  • Non-compliance with preset temperature parameters;
  • Dump valve failure;
  • Malfunction during operation.

Our specialists repair steam generators for dairy and food, chemical and laundry industry.

Steam generators: repair and maintenance service

Climat-Montaj Company is engaged in maintenance service, repair and commissioning of steam generators. We provide warranty quality for repair and maintenance service implemented by Climat-Montaj Company. If you want to make use of our company services, just give us a call: (98) 121 24 00