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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the efficient heating and worthy alternative to centralized heating. It is used not only for the service of residential houses but also public spaces. Underfloor heaiting is often laid in the objects of industrial purpose or open areas.

Climat-Montaj Company specializes in the installation of industrial underfloor heating, used in:

  • open spaces (parking, ramps)
  • down, channel and heat-conducting pipes
  • roof elements, drain sewage system, creasing
  • territory of greenhouses, various livestock complexes

We also install underfloor heating in apartments, private houses, sport halls, classrooms and other premises.

Installation of underfloor heating in Uzbekistan

Our masters provide the services for water, electrical and infra-red underfloor heating in Tashkent.

After the necessary calculations, the type of underfloor heating and way of lying “snake”, “double snake” and “snail” is selected. In case of non-standard planning, the combine type of installation is used.

Responsible approach – high quality result!

In order to carry out the precalculation, specialists of Climat-Montaj Company use special calculation programs. We take into account all necessary nuances: thermothechnical and hudraulic calculations, thermostat location, selection of consumable materials and heating cable, safety device, system test. All checks and tests are carried out in accordance with construction rules and regulations.

During the working process we use the products (heating mat, cable, pipelines protection against freezing, pipes heating etc.) that have quality certificates of international standard.

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