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High quality industrial ventilation is one of the conditions of specialized equipment operation and creation of favorable microclimate in the facilities with special requirements for air exchange process.

Climat-Montaj Company specializes in the installation of industrial ventilation systems which performs such functions as supply, removal and purification of the air.

Design and installation of all types of ventilation systems

Our company has a great experience in the installation of ventilation system in warehouses, factories, private houses, medical institutions, furniture production workshops and business centers.

We install supply, exhaust and combined ventilation systems, which can be:

  • Local and general;
  • Duct and ductless;
  • Natural and artificial.

Installation of ventilation systems is carried out in accordance with SNiP and fire safety rules.

Our specialists will provide the following services in a professional level:

  • Calculation of ventilation performance;
  • Project development for supply and removal of the air;
  • Development of filtration system;
  • Design of ventilation system with an optimal ratio price/quality;
  • Installation and commissioning works.

Professional approach to each customer and affordable price are also important reasons to make use of our company services!

If you noticed any malfunctions during operation of your ventilation system, call us just now. Timely equipment troubleshooting and elimination of malfunction will help you to create favorable microclimate in the building and avoid heavy financial losses.

Repair and maintenance service of ventilation system in Uzbekistan

Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company perform partial and general repair of ventilation system. In most cases it is necessary to carry out cleaning of internal parts and replacement of broken details.

Maintenance service includes such services as: check of air ducts fastening, automation testing, dismantling of main units. Specialists of our multifunctional company will quickly restore the ventilation system performance, replace the worn parts.

Maintenance service is carried out in accordance with contract where work flow is specified. Call us or fill out feedback form and our managers will contact you at any time convenient for you.