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VRV (VRF) systems


VRV (VRF) systems are designed for the maintenance of multi-storey buildings, characterized by high activity of the internal microclimate.

Climat-Montaj Company installs split air condiitoning systems in trade centers, hotels, sport complexes, production plants of industrial enterprises, medical institutions and places of public catering.

VRV installation: properties

VRV (VRF) systems installation require a deep knowledge and great experience. Trust the installation of VRV (VRF) systems the masters of Climat-Montaj Company.

The distingtive feature of split air conditioning systems is the possibility of connection of several internal units (up to 100 pcs.) to the one external. Internal units can be different – channel or cassette, floor or ceiling.

If it is necessary, our specialists will give you all necessary infromation of the quantity and quality of internal units.

The distance between units is 150 m (permissible tolerance is up to 40 m). It means that the units can be installed without destroying building architecture.

All nuances are taken into account during the installation. It allows to guarantee a high quality performance and further trouble-free operation. Trusting the masters of Klimat-Montaj company, you get the guarantee of effective system operation for a long time.

Advantages of split air conditioning systems

  • room service up to 500 m2;
  • economical operation;
  • high efficiency at any temperature conditions (in summer and winter);
  • lon service life (more than 25 years);
  • ease of operation

The equipment modularity allows easily changing system configuration.

Nuances of installation and maintenance

Split air conditioning systems are complex equipment that require a competent approach. It means that installation, repair and maintenance service must be implemented by professional specialists.

Climat-Montaj Company specializes in the installation of VRF systems and other industial climatic equipment. Our high qualified masters have all necessary equipment, so we carry out the installation of the equipment in accordance with all generally accepted rules.

We also carry out the repair and diagnostics of VRV systems. If you noticed any malfucntion during the operation, call us by telephone number: +998 (98) 121-24-00