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Chiller is industrial refrigerating unit with a high efficiency. It is used with fancoil.

Chiller operation is based on steam compression refrigerating cycle (as in traditional air conditioners). The main parts of this device are evaporator, condenser, compressor and flow control.

Such equipment requires a special approach. Installation of chillers must be implemented by such professional specialists as masters of Klimat-Montaj.

Competent approach, many years work experience and presence of consumable materials provide the repair and maintenance in a professional level.

Professioanl installation of chillers

We install chillers in supermarkets, private schools, medical institutions, restaurants and sport complexes.

Installation of chillers is carried out separately from internal units (fancoils). Chillers are often installed on the roof, store rooms, attached buildings that simplifies the further maintenance.

You can use our services for installation of chillers with air cooling (axial and centrifugal fans) with water cooling. We work with any refrigerating units – steam compression and absorption, monoblock and remote condenser.

Chillers: advantages

  • ecological safety
  • low noise level during operation
  • ease of operation
  • no limits for manifold length

Disadvantages are big size of the equipment and complex installation. Masters of Klimat-Montaj Company have a great experience in the field of chillers installation. They perform their works quickly and qualitatively.

How to select chiller?

When selecting chiller, it is necessary to take into account the type of industrial refrigeration equipment, coolant temperature at outlet and inlet. type of used coolant and additional options.

Installation of chillers i Tshkent is the main professioanl activity of Klimat-Montaj Company. Our specialists provide the equipment selection, its delivery, installation and commissioning works.

The best manufacturers

There are a lot of factories, engaged in the manufacturing of chillers. However, Klimat-Montaj prefer to work with leaders in the market of industrial climatic equipment – Shivaki and TICA Company. They supply high efficient devices, equipped with durable compressors, operated on safe freon.

Do you want to buy a chiller at affordable price? Contact Klimat-Montaj Company! We will help not only to select the equipment of necessary capacity but also install in accordance with all construction rules and regulations.