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Precision air conditioners


Precision air conditioners are distinguished by the ability to maintain the predetermined temperature conditions with extreme accuracy.

That’s why they are often installed in server rooms, telecommunication nodes, medical institutions, libraries and other places where it is necessary to maintain a particular temperature.

Installation of precision air conditioners in Tashkent

Climat-Montaj Company work with precision air conditioners of all types. We repair and install precision air conditioners of cabinet and monoblock type. The capacity of the first type is about 100 kW. They are ideal for server rooms and data-centres. The second ones are ideal for small chemical laboratories, automatic telephone stations, museums, wine cellars.

Our masters have a great experience in the field of installation of ceiling precision air conditioners, characterized by compact size, effective air distribution system and large power range. They also carry out the installation of single and double pressure models with lower or upper blowing.

Don’t forget about regular maintenance!

Modern precision air conditioners maintain the predetermined temperature conditions with accuracy up to +/- 0,5 °С, they also can operate at the temperature from +50 °С to -50 °С.

Such climatic units are designed for all year round operation for 15 years. If you observe the operation rules and carry out timely aintenance service, you will extend the service life of your equipment. If you need technical maintenance or rush repair, contact Climat-Montaj Company! You can conclude a long-term contract with our company and insure yourself against the premature failures and expensive repair.

Installation and maintenance service

Installation and maintenance of precision air conditioners require special knowledge and great experience.

Climat-Montaj Company is always glad to hep you!

Stages of installation process:

  • place for installation;
  • fastening of external unit (with creation of conditions for air circulation);
  • laying of communications between units;
  • connection of precision air conditioner;
  • vacuuming and system test.

Maintenance of precision air conditioners must be implemented regularly. The сourse of work is determined individually. We carry out filters and heat exchanger cleaning, check of electrical communication status, valve and switches replacement, elimination of noise and vibration.

We work on a contract basis and carry out our obligations. Do you need the installation of precision air conditioners in Tashkent or another city of Uzbekistan? Just call us: (98) 121 24 00