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Heating design

Design of heating system is an initial stage for project development of comfortable conditions in apartment, private house, medical or educational institutions, warehouses or production shops.

Calculation of heating system is a complex process that must be implemented by specialists with all necessary skills and knowledge. Specialists of Climat-Montaj Company are experts at their job. We offer high quality services in the field of heating: quick the way out of trouble situation, selection of heating units and gate valve.

Heating design: main stages

Design project must be carried out gradually. Spesialists of our company work in accordance with all construction rules and regulations and observe the equence of work:

  • receiving information (object purpose, climatic conditions of the region, plan of the premise etc.)
  • thernal technical calculation of distributive constructions (themal and physical characteristics from which doors, window and walls are made)
  • calculation of heat loss and and heat input
  • selection of heat source (heating boiler, pump, calorifer, collector etc,)
  • hydraulic calculation and selection of gate valve
  • calculation of quantity of heating units and their type

At the final stage we provide our clients all the schemes with the description of pipelines, radiators, convectors, boilers location. The explanatory note has a full list of equipment and scheme of its connection. If necessity, we also provide the model of system made in 3D.

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