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Repair of water pumps

Water pump is a reliable equipment that is able to operate for a long time without interruption. Nevertheless, sometimes they also break. Generally, it ocucrs because of incorrect operation or lack of maintenance.

If your pump stopped performing its direct finctions, call Climat-Montaj! We work with cirulated and drain pumps (outdoor, flooded or invertor types) and industrial pumping units of high pressure.

Repair of water pumps: most frequent malfunctions

  • pump is turned on but axis doesn’t rotate;
  • pump doesn’t turn on;
  • too high noise level during operation;
  • pressure and water supply don’t correspond the values specified in data sheet;
  • after turning on, the motor protection is activated

If you noticed one of these signs during the operation of your equipment, call Climat-Montaj! Our masters will quickly come and eliminate all malfunctions in a professional level!

We carry out a full list of services for the repair of water pumps:

  • elimination of lime scale between rotor and stator;
  • replacement of bearings,  filters and pressure accumulator;
  • installation of adapter;
  • repair of hydraulic tank (membrane replacement, flushing)
  • elimination of electric component breakdown.

We work throughout Uzbekistan. Send an application, fill in feedback form or call us: (98) 121 24 00

Our prices correspond to high quality of our services. We provide a discount system for regular customers.