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Maintenance of water heaters

Maintenance of water heaters is intended to the improvement of operability, failure prevention, tymely replacement of internal details and control elements. Nonroutine maintenance leads to the reduction of heating quality and premature failure of the equipment.

Do you want your water heater to be served you for a long time? Contact Climat-Montaj Company! We are engaged in the diagnosis and repair of water heaters in Tashkent at the competitive price and provide the guarantee for all implemented services.

When is it necessary to carry out the maintenance?

There are several sympthoms indicated that it is time to call a specialist. These sympthoms are:

  • poor water heating
  • increase of time for water heating
  • electric energy consumption has become higher
  • noise and vibration during the operation
  • water heater doesn’t turn on
  • error alarm (in water heaters with electric control)
  • water changed the color, odor of hydrogen sulfide
  • thermal protection is activated
  • water leak

If you noticed one of these sympthoms, call Climat Montaj! Our masters will quickly come at any time and place convenient for you and eliminate all malfunctions.

Maintenance of water heaters: types of works

Technical maintenance is the carrying out the following services: scale removal, thermostat repair, replacement of gaskets and electric heating tube, check of gate valve and temperature indicator, installation of pressure regulator etc.

After diagnosis and breakage detection, our specialists will eliminate it at once. Replacement of the worn detals and heating elements, tank descaling, installation of protection on water heaters of different configurations, control system adjustment are the most frequent technical services.

We provide the services for any water heaters. When sending an application, please specify type of the equipment, brand and malfunction mode. Call us: (98) 11 24 00.